Call To Intercession For America!

Rebecca Greenwood has posted this urgent Call To Intercession For America! Featured on Prophecy Fire ™

God Has Truly Blessed Us With Souls

The mandate of the Prophecy Fire ™ website is to  Deliver Hope to a Lost and Dying World and Set People Free to fulfill their God-birthed Destiny. It is our pleasure to report the following milestone that as of March 26, 2019, we have delivered over 1.1 million web pages served to people for God's Glory: We really want to Glorify God and Thank Him,  that according to our web host, to date Prophecy Fire™ Has Delivered 1,196,470 web pages for God's Glory! This number counts every person who has received a web page from us, including our web outreach prior to us changing our name to use the Prophecy Fire™ name. You can see the latest number of people from around the world who have viewed web pages from Prophecy Fire™ Christian Media Network at the bottom of any one of our web pages. May God Receive All The Glory!

Salvation An Important Mandate For New Christian TV Network

Salvation is an important and an essential mandate for the new Prophecy Fire ™  Christian TV Network. The God Loves You! web page features a Salvation message encouraging the person to pray a prayer of Salvation and repentance to God The Father, In The Name Of Jesus Christ. Taking The Gospel Of Jesus Christ and Sharing The Good News Of Salvation is critically important to this new Christian TV network.

Do The Father's Will Released by Robert Woeger

Prophecy Fire ™  has released a Christian Writing Do The Father's Will . Doing The Father’s Will is an important example that Jesus gave us to follow. Read this timely and important Christian Writing by Robert Woeger.

Free GOD Book by Robert Woeger

Get a free copy of the GOD Book by Robert Woeger. It is available now on the Prophecy Fire ™ website using the link below, and may be read online or downloaded in various E-Book formats: GOD Book by Robert Woeger The God book is designed for those who are seeking to know more about God, and increase their faith in Jesus Christ. It features Christian foundational topics, God's Promises from His Word, and a Daily Discovering God Devotional. This book helps you to have a deeper intimacy with God, and was designed for many uses, such as being used as a devotional, for Bible study, for sermon preparation, for discipleship training, for preaching and teaching, for prayer, and for sharing The Gospel Of Jesus Christ with others. Topics include Faith, Salvation, The Holy Spirit, Healing, Deliverance, and many more.

Prophecy Fire Website

Today the Prophecy Fire ™  Christian  website has officially been redesigned and enhanced with new content. We encourage you to visit Prophecy Fire ™ on a regular basis to get the latest Christian videos, news, books, teaching, information, media, and so much more. The focus of Prophecy Fire ™ is to provide the best Christian resources related to prophecy, healing, The Holy Spirit, The Glory Of God, The Presence Of God, deliverance, discipleship, spiritual gifts, and God's Supernatural Power. It is our pleasure to release this valuable Christian resources website. #ProphecyFire #God #Christian #Jesus #Christ #JesusChrist #HolySpirit #Prophecy

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